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Multiple Sclerosis

Reclassifying Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory, autoimmune disease that affects the ability of the brain and spinal cord nerve cells to communicate, resulting in physical and cognitive disability.  The purpose of this research is to identify biomarkers or “signals” to identify the onset and progression of the disease. There are currently 473 participants in this cohort.

Eligibility Requirements

Persons over age 18 who have been diagnosed with MS are eligible.

Study Requirements

Participants contribute a blood and urine sample at enrollment into the MURDOCK Study in addition to a medical questionnaire about their general health and a second questionnaire pertaining to their MS diagnosis.  A total study visit is estimated to take approximately 45-60 minutes.

All persons enrolling in the MS study also enroll in the MURDOCK Study.  Persons with MS who have already joined the MURDOCK Study are encouraged to enroll in this MS study.


A $10 gift card is provided to each study participant at the time of enrollment.

Meet the Principal Investigator

Simon G. Gregory PhDDr. Simon Gregory is a highly regarded research leader in the field of genomics, genetics, and MS. He is an Associate Professor at Duke University and serves as the director of the David H. Murdock Research Institute Genomics Core Laboratory, working in both Durham and at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis.  Dr. Gregory has used his expertise to identify genes implicated in the development of diseases such as MS, cardiovascular disease and autism..  As a leader in the field of MS, Dr. Gregory was named lead scientist for On the Shoulders of Giants: Carolina’s Campaign to Cure MS in partnership with the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the National MS Society (NMSS) to conduct MS studies at the North Carolina Research Campus.  Most recently, Dr. Gregory was awarded the Health and Life Sciences Breakthrough Award for his on-going work in MS.  To read more about Dr. Gregory, click here.

For More Information about Joining

For questions about this study, please contact Sarah Maichle, Study Coordinator at (704) 250-5861 or email

To schedule a one-time enrollment appointment to join the MS study, contact the MURDOCK Study office at (704) 250-5861 (or email  Convenient study locations are available in Concord, Kannapolis, and Charlotte, North Carolina and Greenville, South Carolina.

A recent press release was distributed highlighting recruitment efforts.  Click here to read it in full.

Dr. Gregory Discusses the Study


**A second study specifically targeting individuals with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis is underway. Click here for more information.

PRESS RELEASE! Multiple Sclerosis Study Recruitment Grows and Continues in North Carolina (3/20/14) - Read it here!

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